Main Publications


  • Archaeological inventory and survey in the context of the restauration of the Drouin house (CgEr-16): final report. Report submitted to the Fondation François-Lamy.
  • The Robert-Bélanger house (BjFk-5) archaeological site : archaeobotanical and archaeoentomological evaluation report. Report submitted to Ethnoscop Inc.
  • The Longue-Rive site (DdEh-8) : use-wear analysis of scrapers. Report submitted to Ethnoscop Inc.


  • The archaeological site of the marché-Sainte-Anne-et-du-Parlement-du-Canada-Uni (BjFj-4) : an analysis of the botanical and faunal remains. Report submitted to Ethnoscop Inc.
  • Analysis report of a botanical macro-remain from the shipwreck Natière 1, La Dauphine. Report submitted to Élisabeth Veyrat, l’Association Adramar.
  • Archaeobotanical and archaeoentomological analysis report: BjFi-16, Noyau villageois de Pointe-aux-Trembles. Report submitted to Ethnoscop Inc.


  • The botanical and entomological remains from the Parc des Braves (CeEt-677) site. Report submitted to the Commission des champs de bataille nationaux.


  • Animal bones from the “Lowney” site in Montréal (BjFj-91). PHASE 1: Evaluation Report. Submitted to Ethnoscop Inc.
  • Faunal, botanical, and entomological remains from the Place d’Youville (BjFj-4) Submitted to Ethnoscop Inc.
  • Entomological Analysis, sample 4 House 4, Huntingdon Island 5 (FkBg-3). Report submitted to Memorial University.
  • Archaeological excavation on the old convent site of Château-Richer (CfEs-31). Report submitted to the Centre d’Interprétation de la Côte-de-Beaupré.